Blank loader - Feeding, destacking, inserting.

DREHER is your number one choice:

With blank loaders from DREHER, blanks made of steel,aluminum, or other materials are feed fully automated from the forming system into the precise position and at a highcycle rate. DREHER relies on a modular construction that assembles a customer-specific solution from individualuniversal components.

A blank feeder offers you many advantages:

  • among them are flexible potential uses (e.g. through multiple blanks)
  • economizing cutting processes on the special press
  • optimal utilization of material.

Our blank feeders are suitable for

  • magnetic and nonmagnetic materials
  • all current blank shapes (e.g. rectangular blanks or circular blanks)
  • tailored blanks
  • preformed components

The feeding can subsequently occur in the form of individual or multiple blanks.

Additional processes such as blank cleanup, lubrication, measuring, and testing can also easily be integrated.

Among the different blank feeder concepts are

  • Simple feeders or double feeders, alternative robots
  • Destacking with vacuum cups
  • Tooling changes, manual or fully automated
  • Batch feeding using blank units or stack conveyors
  • Separating using spreading magnets, blower nozzles,and / or flexible grabbers
  • Stack centering, manually or automatically adjustable

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