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Massive Forming - Solutions for extreme conditions and the toughest requirements

Robust and reliable - DREHER Automation is your partner for massive forming. We have mastered one of the most demanding fields in the field of forming technology and press automation.

At DREHER Automation, we always tackle the most demanding tasks in a solution-oriented manner. Despite extreme conditions in massive forming, we always guarantee a safe cold, warm, or hot forming process thanks to our robust automation solutions. We always ensure the reliable transport of your parts from the blank to the finished formed component.

Feeding, transporting, forming - we keep an eye on the entire massive forming process

First of all, we provide a flexible and fast solution concept for the demand-driven feeding of the blanks from the furnace to the forming press. Depending on the application, we can feed your blanks into the forging press vertically and/or horizontally. We are also happy to integrate additional processes, such as pre-rolling or the discharge of blanks.

The ideal transfer automation solution for your forging process

As a rule, parts are transported to the forging press either by a robot or a transfer system (one-sided/double-sided). In this context, robots are the more flexible solution and transfer systems are the faster automation solution for your forming process.

Robots with up to six axes offer a high degree of freedom when designing your forging process and are a safe choice especially for small and medium batch sizes. DREHER Automation Transfer systems are always a suitable automation solution when stroke rate is a requirement and large batch sizes are involved. The demands on transfer automation in massive forming are always immensely high! Therefore, we have developed our massive transfer especially for the needs of our customers in this sector. In addition to the general advantages of our transfer systems, such as flexibility, reliability, and speed, an essential aspect of solid forming is protecting the drive technology from harmful emissions.

Last but not least, the stability of the tools (forging dies) and the quality of the components to be produced play an extraordinary role in your forging process. DREHER Automation can also provide the right answer for these problems. In the die spray sector, we work together with well-known German manufacturers and integrate them into our overall solution. The die spray system can be integrated into the transfer rail or moved into the press area using a spray manipulator/handling robot. Either way - the right choice always depends on the blank and the available space at your forging press.

Increased efficiency with an integrated control concept

DREHER Automation has developed a consistent control concept based on Siemens components for various handling tasks. This has resulted in an integrated automation solution in close cooperation with Siemens. It consists of the Simotion D motion control system, inverters from the Sinamics S120 family and the latest generation of energy-efficient servo motors from the 1FK series.

Our S7 controller with Safety Integrated (Performance Level d) is not only compatible with any press controller. With our system, we can also take care of press control, for example as part of a press retrofit of an existing press.

Furthermore, at DREHER Automation we appreciate the productivity-enhancing advantages of user-friendly and self-explanatory operation and visualization. For this reason, not only does our system visualization take place on spacious touch panels at a central location via WinnCC (TIA portal) - we will also gladly develop a unique visualization concept for the entire forming system for you. Synoptics for automatic operation and sequence synoptics for tool changes are mandatory for all our customers.

The automation level of our systems is always variable. Have you already thought about changing to a fully automatic tool? We work together with you and the press manufacturer to develop an appropriate concept and implement these processes across all components (press automation and forming press).

Our systems are renowned in the industry for their longevity. This is also guaranteed by our excellent After Sales Service. For “just-in-time support”, all our systems are equipped with remote maintenance access.

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