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Blank Destacker - Feeding, destacking, loading

DREHER Automation is your qualified and competent partner for blank destackers. We develop innovative and individual solutions, individually adapted to your requirements and preferences.

With blank destackers from DREHER Automation, blanks made of steel, aluminum, or other materials are fed to your forming press fully automatically, with precise positioning, and at a high cycle rate. To do this, DREHER Automation relies on a modular design in which a customer-specific solution is compiled from individual universal assemblies.

The Advantages of Blank Loaders

Blank loaders offer a variety of advantages for your press shop. This includes, among other things,
  • flexible using options (e. g. with multiple blanks),
  • safing of cutting processes on the forming press,
  • optimal utilization of material.

Possibilities for Blank Destacker Applications

Blank destackers are notable for their wide range of possible applications throughout your forming process. Our blank destackers are suitable for
  • magnetic and non-magnetic materials,
  • all common blank shapes (e. g. rectangular blanks, round blanks or shaped blanks),
  • tailored blanks and
  • preformed parts.
Subsequently, the feeding can take place optionally in the form of single or multiple blanks. Additional processes such as cleaning, oiling, blank measurement, and testing can also be easily integrated.

Blank Destacker Automation Concepts

  • Blank handling with a single feeder or double feeder, or with a robot
  • Destacking of the blanks with vacuum suction cups
  • Manual or fully automatic tool change
  • Stack feed via blank loading car or chain conveyor
  • Separation of the blanks via spreading magnets, blow nozzles, and/or bending grippers
  • Manually or automatically adjustable stack centering

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