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Producing complex sheet metal components requires a series of work processes. In this context, the use of progressive tools can provide the right approach for the efficient and cost-effective production of large quantities. This is one of the reasons why the punching machine, a combination of a strip processing line, progressive compound tool, and automatic punching press, is a classic setup in stamping plants.

Whether for furniture fittings or larger body parts in the automotive industry, we work together with you to develop your perfect systems solution for your stamping process. The degree of automation of the entire forming plant is tailored to your requirements and we select the optimum straightening technology for your materials.

From progressive composite tools to conclusive overall concepts - we are your qualified and competent partner.

Progressive compound tools are used in the automotive, electrical, furniture, and household appliance industries. They are always used when component costs must be kept as low as possible for high-volume production. The decision as to whether a component can be produced with a progressive compound tool or a transfer tool usually depends on the size and complexity of the component and the planned production volume. The manufacturing process is particularly suitable when no large deep-drawing processes are required.

A progressive compound tool usually consists of several die stations. One or more forming operations (e.g. pressing, drawing, bending, embossing, punching, separating) are carried out consecutively for each die station. The various component stages are held by a carrier strip and clocked by the individual forming operations. The component is not separated from the carrier strip until the last station.

The type of press that is suitable for the punching machine depends largely on your forming process. Possible options include eccentric presses, toggle presses, or servo presses. Of course, we are always more than happy to assist you in choosing the right type of press.

In progressive composite applications, the material is always supplied from a coil. The precise feeding of the sheet metal strip subsequently is realized using a strip feeding system. The straightening machine first equalizes the coil curvature before the sheet strip is fed into the actual forming process. To ensure the best possible component quality, it is important to ensure optimum belt side guidance throughout the entire process. The roll feed must also be able to provide sufficient space for the material to flow during the forming process with the aid of cycle ventilation. The finished component can then be discharged, either via a finished parts belt or another “end-of-line” solution.

Do you have limited experience in forming technology or are interested in implementing a new forming process in your stamping workshop? We advise you during the planning phase with the help of our professional project management team and establish contact with other reliable partners (press manufacturers, tool manufacturers). Afterwards, we support you throughout the implementation until the new forming process at your stamping plant is up and running smoothly. For us, this not only includes professional production support, but also, for example, the granting of a CE label.

Increased efficiency with an integrated control concept for your punching machine

Our control concept developed together with Siemens complete your comprehensive system concept across all system components (conveyor system, progressive compound tool, and automatic punching press). Our S7 controller with Safety Integrated (Performance Level d) is not only compatible with any press controller. We can also take care of press control, for example as part of a press retrofit of an existing press.

Furthermore, at DREHER Automation we appreciate the productivity-enhancing advantages of user-friendly and self-explanatory operation and visualization. For this reason, not only does our system visualization take place on spacious touch panels at a central location via WinnCC (TIA portal), we also gladly develop a unique visualization concept for the entire punching system for you. Synoptics for automatic operation and sequence synoptics for tool changes are mandatory for all our customers.

Our systems are renowned in the industry for their longevity. This is also guaranteed by our excellent After Sales Service. For just-in-time support, all our systems are equipped with remote maintenance access.

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