Coil straightener

Precision in sheet metal straightening with coil straightener from DREHER Automation

The coil straightener is the heart of every coil processing line: It compensates for any unwanted deformation of the sheet metal strip during coiling.

The ideal coil straightener for the respective application is defined by

  • the number,
  • the diameter and
  • the center distance of the coil straightening rolls.

DREHER Automation identifies these parameters using a special calculation tool. These results are then used to select the ideal coil straightener for your application.

Requirements in this field have changed significantly in recent years due to the increased use of high-strength materials. We understand these changes. This is why we can provide you with various solutions to meet your individual requirements:

  • Universal coil straightener
    For the production of simple structur parts
  • 4-high coil straightener
    For demanding structur parts and materials with a medium to high yield strength
  • 6-high coil straightener
    The high-end technology for straightening visible and external vehicle parts

Our range also includes

  • Coil straightener with block or single roll adjustment
  • Coil straightener with straightening cassette
  • Straightener-feeder-combination

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