Feeder automation

Feeder automation - Design your specific automation process

At DREHER Automation, we oversee the entire forming process at your pressing plant, from the blank right up to the finished formed part. For over 50 years, one of our core competencies in the field of press shop automation has been the handling of blanks or molded parts. With our feeder technology, we offer our customers the ideal solution for fast cycles and reproducible motion sequences, especially for a wide variety of “pick and place” applications.

Our feeders are linear robots specially designed for handling tasks in a pressing plant. They are used for, among other things, feeding forming presses (e.g. blank loaders), linking processes (e.g. press linking), and removing finished parts (removal feeders). DREHER Automation's robust and flexible feeder technology ensures maximum output with maximum availability thanks to linear motion sequences and highly dynamic servo drive technology.

DREHER linear robots - “Pick and place” in a new dimension

Feeder automation or a linear robot is always the optimal solution for handling tasks in both 2D and 3D. Unlike articulated arm robots, linear robots work with the help of linear motion sequences in a horizontal and vertical direction to the machine axis.

At DREHER Automation, we rely on standardized basic sizes for linear robots that cover the entire range of applications in the pressing plant and beyond in terms of cycle time, part weight, and part size. Linear motion sequences ensure optimum cycle times and enable the fully automated process to be operated with ease. Our feeder automation's robust design also guarantees maximum process reliability, e.g. thanks to the low-vibration transport of parts.

Linear robots from DREHER Automation are not only limited to applications in the pressing plant. With our large engineering team and professional project management, we are able to adapt our modular feeders to perform a wide range of handling tasks. As a result, we aim to be your preferred partner when it comes to the automation of complex manufacturing processes coupled with robust technology and a high level of availability. We are also happy to supply our linear robots to system integrators - if required also without our proprietary control system.

Depending on the application, we can set up a
  • 2D linear robot with a horizontal and a vertical motion axis,
  • a 3D linear robot with a horizontal longitudinal axis and a transverse axis as well as a vertical motion axis, or
  • 4D & 5D linear robots equipped with a telescopic axis and/or a rotary hand axis.
Our linear robots are either connected directly to the machine undergoing automation or they are designed as “stand-alone” solutions (portal feeders or portal robots).

The perfect tooling for your manufacturing process

Flexibility is important to us. This is why we offer assistance in choosing the perfect tooling for manufacturing your product. Our tooling solutions for your feeder automation can be used independent of your materials, connection and power supply and are individually adapted to the respective production process.

You can benefit from the following tooling:
  • Active gripper tooling
  • Vacuum tooling
  • Electromagnetic tooling
Our toolings are suitable for
  • magnetic and non-magnetic materials,
  • all common blanks types (e.g. rectangular blanks, circular blanks or shaped blanks), and
  • tailored blanks right up to
  • molded parts.

Increased efficiency thanks to optimized tooling changes

When it comes to changing tools, time is money – especially if you produce several products on one production line. Because nothing costs you more than a production line that is shut down. For this reason, we have developed various tooling replacement systems for our customers. All our systems have one thing in common. Tooling changes are always swift and uncomplicated. Choose between a manual tooling change using a quick clamping system or a fully automated tooling change featuring an integrated tooling shelf.

Transparent Siemens control concept

DREHER Automation has developed a transparent control concept based on Siemens components for various handling tasks. This has resulted in an integrated automation solution developed in close cooperation with Siemens. The system is equipped with the Simotion D motion control system, Sinamics S120 inverters, and the latest generation of energy-efficient servo motors from the 1FK series.

The controller can be adapted specifically to any application, especially in terms of performance and functionality. The individual axis movements are perfectly coordinated and synchronized with each other. The integration of additional axes remains possible at any time. Are you interested in a feeder automation or linear feeder solution from DREHER Automation?

Contact us now for a professional consultation and we will find a solution to meet your needs.

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