Automatic-Systeme Dreher GmbH

Automatic-Systeme Dreher GmbH is the leading system supplier for automation solutions in forming production processes. Whether for current applications or for new ideas that will form the future, we offer you the right approach to optimize your manufacturing processes.

Where we come from, who we are

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Headquarter at InPark A81

A lot has happened at DREHER Automation in the last few months and the near future certainly holds much in store for us. We are relaunching just for you! We are updating not only to be more innovative and productive, our new appearance will also allow us to be distinctly modern and more digital. However, the most important thing for us is to be able to offer our employees an attractive and, above all, a safe workplace in future.

Your Career at DREHER Automation

What you can achieve with us

At DREHER Automation we are firmly convinced that every individual's abilities are best developed in a functioning team. That is why we have always relied on fair collaboration in everything we do, and have done so with great success for more than five decades.


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Automatic-Systeme Dreher GmbH
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