Our history

Innovative, cosmopolitan, Swabian – This is DREHER right from the start.

1968 Roland and Waltraud Dreher founded an engineering office in Plochingen and in the same year they established a partnership with the French company Dimeco in the field of coil lines.

1970 The company moves to Renfrizhausen. DREHER starts up with engineering and manufacturing mechanic and hydraulic transfer units.

1974 The company has grown up to 50 employees. The space gets too small. DREHER is ready to invest.

1975 DREHER presents its first blank loader.

1977 Foundation of the company Power Hydraulik, moving to Sulz seven years later.

1978 The today's manufacturing had been built as production hall. In the meantime the company employs nearly 100 members of staff. Known german groups like BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, Bosch or Daimler are amongst our customers.

1982 DREHER starts to apply programmable control systems.

1985 DREHER designs the first electronic transfer and builds a new logistic hall and a welding shop.

1986 DREHER introduces the CAD-technology as one of the first companies determining its requirement as innovation leader.

1988 The production area is enlarged once more and the existing buildings are reconstructed. The number of employees rises to 170 until the end of the decade.

1997 DREHER moves with the times and changes over to 3D CAD.

2000 DREHER starts a new chapter of its success story. The second generation takes over the commercial management by Thomas Dreher and the technical mangement by Klaudijo Dreher.

2004 DREHER intensifies its activities in the sector of system solutions. Sales department and project management are adapted to the development.

2006 The first transfer in FlexMotion design is manufactured. Each axis is separately driven and consequently free-programmable.

2007 DREHER designs the first transfer for a servo-press.

2008 Roland and Waltraud Dreher retire completely from their business activities. In the course of a new partition of the business shares Hasan Sarac und Andrea Dreher board as shareholders beside Thomas and Klaudjio Dreher.

2008 DREHER recognizes the trend concerning the use of high-tensile materials and consequently develops its first straightens in this field.

2009 DREHER aims high and enters in the sector of automation for large capacity presses and press lines.

2010 Thomas Dreher retires from the mangement. Hasan Sarac takes over the commercial management.

2012 DREHER is for the first time system supplier for a blanking line.

2013 The associates of DREHER are Hasan Sarac, Andrea Dreher et Klaudijo Dreher. After the retirement of Klaudijo Dreher from the technical management, Hasan Sarac assumes the general management from October onwards.

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